Our Partnerships

our partnerships

GAC Mobile APP

GAC Digital Mobile App helps the employees to manage their profile with all the
pre-requisites like designation, contact information, download payslips, record their steps etc. It
also helps you to get a good view of your organization hierarchy with all the domains and the
domain resources. It also gives the employees information about their teams and the projects
assigned to them, access to on-boarding documents to recruited resources. One can also get the
information of the current organization vacancies, submit ideas, reviews or comments,
organization events, etc.

Pavilion Battle

Pavilion Battle is a mobile game application using simulated cricket data and
graphics represented on trump cards, which are used in the game play by the comparison of
stats between two cards. The game offers a simple and interactive interface with clean screens
enhancing the game play. In a nutshell, Pavilion Battle is a modern trump card game with
interactive interfaces, encouraging rewards and captivating game play.

Sportz App

Sportz App brings the world of Badminton sporting action on to your devices with
additional fun elements. With Sportz App, wherever you are on the globe with an internet
connection, you can catalogue, monitor and share your game scoring statistics. Users can share
and showcase their match histories, connect with other players and share your feed on other
social media platforms. It also supports the facility of forming and maintaining badminton clubs
with other players. With Sportz App user need not worry about their data security as we also
have authentication in place for their login. The icing on the cake is the step counter feature
which will be part of your sport and fitness journey.

Magical Math

The core concept of the game is to find the math expressions left hand side and
right hand side within 6 guesses.

  • More than 500,000 combos to be solved
  • Hints to help
  • Race against time


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